Catch this dream

What a night.

That was probably the most intense, vivid dream I’ve ever had in a very long time.

It started with the dream within a dream. I was dreaming that I was having nightmares. I kept waking up into a dream about me sleeping, and not really waking up.  I don’t remember the nightmare inside the dream but it wasn’t pleasant.

I finally woke up from that and drifted in to an even more bizarre dream…and quite an awesome movie plot, if I may add.

Brandon and I were visiting a historical village somewhere.  A bunch of seemingly inept baddies took over the place and held us and a whole bunch of folks hostage in the inn.  Cops are outside negotiating.  At some point, the negotiator showed up with pizza and water for the hostages.  (I don’t know why there was no food in the inn, but whatever.)  He managed to slip me a note.  Apparently, the police found out there was a secret passageway in and out of the inn and they needed someone from the inside to try to slip out to see if that works.

Brandon said he’d do it, slipping by these clowns weren’t going to be difficult.  And so he kissed me and went off to go to the restroom.  A minute later there was a commotion outside and the baddies went to attend to that.  I could only assume it was because Brandon had gotten out and the cops were creating a cover for him.  Nobody noticed Brandon was gone for a good long time.  Long enough for the baddies to start torturing the hostage.

For every 15 minutes a demand was not met, they were going to shoot off someone’s limb.  This is where my movie-like dream turned into quite a nightmare.  It was very “Saw” like.  Blood everywhere.  People screaming.  I remembered watching some woman got her arm shot off.  Then they shot off the good leg on one of the hostages they already shot in the leg during the takeover.

At some point the lead baddie, the “Air Force One” Gary Oldman of all people, realized that Brandon was missing.  He rushed over to me and demanded to know where Brandon went.  The bathroom, I said.  Lies, he screamed at me.  He pushed my face onto the bar and threatened to slam my teeth on there every time I say I don’t know.

I woke up whimpering at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning. An odd start indeed.

Just to think earlier this week I woke up from a delicious dream about Prince William.  More on that later.  Heh.

To wash off the grimes and the horrors of my nightmares, I found me this video from the now favorite source of geeky goodness, LA Times’ Hero Complex blog.


Oh, Dave. I only wish my dream was as tame as this…

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