Life on Mars

I watched “The Martian Child” this morning.  The Martian Child thinks he’s from Mars.  Others think he’s weird but his adoptive dad goes with it and accepts him anyway.

I’ve always seen myself as an outsider since I was a kid.  True, there were worse cases of “odd girls out” than how I feel, but I have never felt 100% belong anywhere.

A part of me is always the odd girl out somewhere else.

The geeklet among the “normal” people. But not geeky enough for the full-fledge geeks.

The film snob among the mainstream Hollywood crowd.  Not into the real artsy films but apparently snooty enough to piss people off with my film criticism afterward.

The blogger among the “internet is for email and browsing” mass.  Us bloggers hung together against those who think we waste our time.

The one with the funny grammar and an accent among natives.  At least I’m funny.  That should count for something.

The “Western” one among Thais.  Well, may be this one I’m actually happy about sometimes.

The wayward alcoholic among those who don’t partake.  Because I enjoy alcohol, does that make me a bad person?

The classless act among those carrying Coach and donning Armani.  I’m not materialistic but apparently that’s not a virtue for some people.

I’ve always known that I am a Jane of All Trades, Master of None.  That alone already put me at odd with the rest.

I find acceptance in each of the little circle, but I don’t think there’s a circle that would accept all of my trades.


Being a Martian gets pretty lonely sometimes.


  1. Amy P.   •  

    Na, Oakley, you’re not alone. You sound like just the sort of person I’d love to have as a friend because I’m much the same way. 🙂

  2. OnigiriFB   •  

    I must be Martian too.

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