An adult moment

I was wishing I had more time each day at the office this past week.

Sure, I am gearing up for the first of this year’s conferences my work put on.  But good god, I have never felt like I wanted to stay at work.

Then again, having quite a busy social schedule during a stressful week doesn’t seem to help either.

This weekend came with the rain.  All I wanted to do is hide.

And I did for most of it.

Well, my allergies was partly to blame on Saturday.  Today, my 4 loads of laundry is holding me hostage.

And the need to prepare my tax paperwork.

Oh god.

I’m doing the adult thing again.

Sure, I could’ve chosen to continue sitting on the couch, flipping through not much of anything on television.  But the guilt of not having accomplished anything gnawed at me.

From the couch, I could see the door to my “cave”.  The cave that no matter how hard I tried to tidy up will end up “exploding” all over the place again in the few days.

Like the piles of laundry that fill up a few days after you thought you’ve conquered it all.

Like an empty fridge that haunts you every time you open to find something because now you know you’ll have to eat out yet again.

Growing up kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

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