Pondering the upstream

I was up all night last night.  It wasn’t 4:30 a.m. before I crawled back into bed.

It started with me coming home hungry and decided on eating two-day-old deep-fried salt cured fish (Plah Dad Deaw Todd) with rice.  I figured, it’s cured and it’s only two days old. I’ve eaten worse.

A combination of having inhaled my dinner and possibly bad fish caused quite a reaction.

Like I tweeted earlier, the fish was swimming upstream all night and is still threathening to go downstream as well.

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t.  As to not to bug Brandon, I parked on the couch, made trips to the bathroom, and caught up with my Tivo’ed shows.  With my gut in a twist, I couldn’t really sleep but I did catch a few winks randomly here and there until 4:30 a.m.

Obviously, I’m not in the office today.

Rude Cactus’ household has been up all night with the Plague of 2009 and my LB Tweep @killregrets was up with a migraine until 3 a.m.  Must’ve been some cosmically fucked up night for many of us!

But I have to admit, at that dead of night, you get to ponder a lot of things.

What would life be like without Brandon? (Because he was sound asleep at the time of this Great Swim Upstream.)  What would this be like if I was actually back home?  Would my brother freak out? The maid would probably be all over me.  My dad definitely could hear me from his room.

And I miss my mom.  Terribly.

I’ve always had stomach problems since I was a kid.  (That, and a geyser of a nose bleed which thankfully stopped, just as the doctor told us it would, when I entered my teen years.)   Spicy food was out of the question for me at home.  But at school, of course, to “man up” to my girl friends, I tried to add chili and stuff to my food.  Mom could always tell when I had gone and done that.  Her and the school nurse.

Oh and of course, I have a tendency to not chew very well if I don’t pay attention.  Which I might just be the case last night when I inhaled my dinner.

Anyway.  A doctor diagnosed me with ulcer when I was 12.  And again in college.  This burp on command ability developed later on in life (I actually didn’t quite know how to burp earlier), though entertaining, is probably not normal.  But there’s nothing really wrong with me according to my doctor.  Just have to watch what I eat, she said.  But I think I might have to ask her this time if I have IBS or something.

Because as you might have read here, I ended up this way many times a year.

The throwing up is getting old.

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  1. OnigiriFB   •  

    Oh hun, sorry to hear that. IBS is miserable if you have it. Hope that’s not the case. Get better soon. 🙂

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