Work is crazy busy, yo.  However, I picked up few things that is worth posting.


My mom called me in my dream.  She asked how I was doing.  Funny, I really wished I could talk to her just a few days ago.  Brandon asked if she told me to hurry up and talk because phone calls from heaven are expensive.  LOL.


There are a few of the elevators for our floors that act funny quite a bit. A few of us were on the elevator already when it picked up one more person.  Once she got in, the door was about to close but then sprung open and then finally closed.

Girl 1: You know I really hate these elevators sometime.

Girl 2: And this one always makes this clunking noises too. Like a cable is loose or something.

Girl 1: I so don’t want to die in the elevator. Haha.

Lady: You know that there are 6 steel cables holding up this elevator that can handle XX [she gave a number but I don’t remember] lbs. per cable.  There’s no chance you will fall to your death in here.

Girl 1+2: [Pause]

Lady: I worked for 15 years in the steel industry. I know my cables.


At dinner, Brandon was telling me about a character in his game that had no friends so she found a way to open up a portal to hell, befriended a demon dog, and eventually sold her soul.

B: But man, does she love that dog.

Me: Could she really love if she has no soul?

B: [pause]

Me: I’m sorry. Were you not ready for an existencial question?


Tweet of the Day by @adbert: (Thanks @dananner!)

Programming is like sex: One mistake and U have to support it for the rest of your life.


On a side note, everyone now recognizes my little town of Los Alamitos. However, how we’ve become a household name across this great nation is very embarrassing.  Here’s the quote from the LA Times:

In Los Alamitos, an upscale, mostly white community known for its good schools and tidy neighborhoods, [Dean] Grose [now ex-Mayor and ex-councilman] apologized to city officials, saying in a written statement that the e-mail was a “mistake” and in “poor taste.” He told the Associated Press he was unaware of the racial stereotype that black people like watermelon, a claim some said was unbelievable.

how could you think that White House with watermelons in the lawn be funny if you didn’t know about black people and watermelon? I mean, I can see Thai people completely miss the cultural reference right there.  But being a middle age white man in America and to not know that?  If you would’ve stopped at “mistake” and “poor taste”, that would be fine.  Going so far as denying that you didn’t know about the stereotype when you sent that? How stupid do you think we are?


Ooh! Earthquake!

ETA March 4, 8 a.m.

The Great OC (Non-)Earthquake last night is still a mystery.  OC Tweeps felt it all over the place in the same way we did: the grounds didn’t move but our windows were rattling.  I kept watch from the moment it hit at USGS website for a good half hour but there was nothing but a 1.2 out in Idylwild half an hour later was on the only thing on the map.  According to the OC Register’s article, a seismologist didn’t there was any quake last night that would affect us all the way in the OC.

As OC Tweeps later dissed, “OC Earthquake. Fail!”, more questions were raised.  Could it be a UFO buzzing through the area?  (Et tu, SG-1?)  Or a secret government spy plane?  Or an experimental bomb gone off in some secret bunker somewhere?  First thing that Brandon said was that it felt like an explosion shock wave.

And even if the Marines come out to confirmed that they set off something in Pendleton at that precise moment, how could we in the northernmost tip of OC feel THAT?

The mystery deepens. Any conspiracy theorists stopping by, have at it!


  1. MazingAmy   •  

    LOL love this post!

    BTW I firmly believe when we have dreams about dead loved ones like your dream that it IS them checking in on us, letting us know they are still out there.

  2. PhotoJoe   •  

    Northern-most tip of OC? Try LA County, Fontana, and notice a distinct lack of response South of Camp P itself in the “did you feel it?” maps.

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