Phototastic Friday: Irena & Danny

Last weekend in Florida was amazing. The weather was just like Thailand which I totally adore.  A quick change from the dry California heat, I tell ya.

We didn’t have a chance to adjust to the time change so we woke up too late each day to try to do anything.  It’s pretty much Coconut Grove and the wedding.  That was it.  No South Beach here.

We ate at Green Street Cafe twice. And I would seriously eat there for every single meal. I mean, with a mojito like that? I would be dangerous to live close to that joint.

Here are the wedding pics. It was wonderful, beautiful wedding.  So casual. I mean, the groom skipped down the aisle and both bride and groom cracked jokes with the officiant through the ceremony.

Irena and Danny, here’s to your grand future together, kids!

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  1. Veronica   •  

    Great pics….look like you had a great time?
    What kinda camera do you use?

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