Strange Bed Fellow

One of those questionnaires people sent around asked, where would you want to live if you can live anywhere.

My answer is “out of a suitcase, in hotel room, anywhere in the world.”

Some people insist that they sleep in their own bed.  I don’t seem to have that much of an attachment.

I like to be somewhere else once in a while.  A change of scenery during the day is one thing, but to have slept somewhere different is something else altogether.

Yeah, I guess you could say I have the Travel Bug.  A dormant strain, compared to many, and is kept in check by a potent vaccination of financial constriction.

An outbreak happens once in a while that I feel like I must get out and go somewhere else, even if it’s for a night in an inn down the street.

The recent trip to Miami seems to have aggravate the Travel Bug.  Then again, having just read Eat Pray Love doesn’t help.

I popped a question to Brandon to see if he’d want to scoot down to the brand spanking new Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes because there’s a good deal going on now. Plus I’ve worked with one of their sales manager  before and he would hook us up with something fabulous, I’m sure.

Brandon, perhaps fortunately, doesn’t have my Travel Bug.  What he has is common sense. It doesn’t make any sense to him to spend the money to stay somewhere 30 minutes away from our house for one night.

For someone in my condition, a luxury resort for half the price is a good deal.  A new bed for just one night is a good deal.  A day spent at a gorgeous pool with a good book and a lovely cocktail is a good deal.

One day away from everyday grind is a good deal.

I guess we compromised somewhere in the middle.

We just bought a tent when REI had a sale a couple of months ago.  Brandon wants to test out the tent, our current sleeping bags, and some of the new stuff we bought, and to dust off our camping skills somewhere where it’s convenience.  You know, testing the waters to see if we can actually survive a rougher and tumble-r camp sites we both want to get to.

A night in a tent under the stars?

It’s definitely not my bed.

Travel Bug, prepare to get suppressed.

At least for a little while longer.

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