Nowhere and Everywhere

I posted a long time ago about the pain of being a Jane of All Trades. The trades I keep collecting have a collective weight that threaten to crush me.  Just take a look at the list.

Current Hobbies

Playing piano, guitar (need to do more of that) and singing. Cooking. Photography. Photography of stuff I cooked.  Blogging.  Tweeting.  USC Football fanatic.  Pop culture fiend. TV junkie.  Movie and entertainment news addict.  Supporting the troops with being an Operation Paperback volunteer and gathering funds to do my own Operation Jingle All the Way annually.  Thrill the World Los Angeles.

Developing Hobbies

Camping and backpacking. Speaking Italian. Making websites with Drupal.

Ex-Hobbies I wish I had more time to get back to

Making art. (I’m/was pretty good with collages and paper mache.) Scrapbooking aka paste stuff on paper, punch holes, put in binders. I still keep my keepsakes in a basket but haven’t put them in binders in years.

Ex-Developing Hobbies which I would pick up in a heartbeat if I have more time

Sewing. Designing t-shirts. Frisbee golf. Roller skates–this one is abandoned because no one would go with me. Playing video game.


Making videos. Computer illustration–I really want to do designs like Threadless people.  Writing a memoir. Culinary school?

I asked my dad once when he would retire.  He said that he couldn’t possibly do that.  What would he do if he doesn’t work?  Dad’s hobby is being a news junky.  And shopping, but then he shops for clothes he’d wear to work.  He has no grand kids to raise (again, hinting at me on that one).  So, what would he do with the time?

And then there’s me with all of my hobbies I could barely keep up with.

I mean, if I win a lottery tomorrow, I am all set to retire and explore all of my interests.

Seriously, I love all of my hobbies so much I could be doing them all the time and not bitch about it.

Then again, Brandon did bring up a good point. Say, like cooking.  I do like to cook, but would I still like it if it becomes a career?  (Hey, P’ House – can you answer me that since you’re a chef?)  That was the reason why I’m still working full time and taking cooking classes on the side instead of being in a culinary school.

But now that I have so many interests and hobbies, the worlds are colliding.

For example, Brandon and I want to go camping on the weekend this summer, as in taking a Friday/Monday off to have 2 nights and 3 days excursion.  Or at least leave a little early on Friday and get 2 nights in somewhere.

How about this weekend? Nope. Got a tweet up on Friday.  Next?  Nope. Will be at DrupalCamp LA.  After that? Nope. Got a house party on Friday.  How about after that? Nope. Actually is double-booked for a barbecue on Saturday. Etc.

And next thing you know, September will be here, and I will start my Italian lessons on Saturday mornings. And of course, USC football. And then Thrill the World. And then the Big Gala I put on at work.

And with all the busy days and weekends, I am not in the kitchen as much as I would like to, nor am I playing the piano twice a week according to my goal.

Cut the television, someone suggest.  But how could I? It *is* another hobby of mine which I’m trying to consolidate into a few nights a week and Saturday/Sunday morning routine to maximize time usage.

It was also suggested that I wake up earlier on the weekends to get more hours in the day. The Winston Chruchill’s polyphasic sleep schedule sounds like a plan.  Unfortunately, my work would frown upon me napping for 2 hours in the middle of the afternoon.  Heh.

See what I mean about being nowhere AND everywhere?

If money grows on trees, that would be nice.  But I’d rather have a Time-Turner from Harry Potter books.

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  1. Traci   •  

    I could have written this post. Okay, maybe different hobbies, but the same theme.

    I like to call it “i dunno what i wanna be when i grow-up-ism”

    aka, things i’d do if i were financially independent. instead, i work at the (so far) secure job, bringing in money too good to walk away from, and dream that i’ll figure out how to step into something that doesn’t easily translate to replacing those funds.

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