Meatless Tuesday: Week 12 (Oh the temptations!)


  • Starbucks treat: the usual.
  • Small pink lady apple.
  • FREE Starbucks pastry day! So I got a chocolate croissant.



  • Toaster oven panini: 2 slices of buttered sour dough, Irish cheddar, Brie, sliced tomatoes and basil, wrapped in foil and baked until cheese melted then broiled for the crunch.
  • Girls Scouts’ Thin Mint cookies



  • Wendy’s plain baked potatoes topped with cremini mushrooms sauteed in butter, a little Limoncello, and chives.
  • Fresh & Easy Swiss truffle.
  • A handful of strawberries.
  • Fage yogurt with peach.


Satisfaction level: Low. I don’t know why!  I mean, I’ve eaten a lot worse during the day before and yet I didn’t feel such cravings.  I didn’t particularly crave meat but I JUST WANT TO EAT!  I mean, dinner was a lot of food. I had a lot of mushrooms leftover which I sauteed up.  But after an hour, I had to raid the fridge for the yogurt.  Even after that I still felt like I should eat some more.

The funny thing is, though, the next day, I was still feeling the hunger but the thought of red meat totally turned me off.  Usually, I’d run screaming for a burger on Wednesday, but not this time.

Then again, tonight I just chowed down some pastrami sandwich. LOL.

Thoughts: Thai people have a word, “hoay”.  Craving is close enough a translation word but it’s not exactly and famished is not it either.  A feeling of dissatisfaction that leaves you kind of longing or hungry for more even though you’re not physically hungry.  That was how I felt on Tuesday when I went looking for the yogurt.  It’s like a munchy that your brain tells you to eat but you’re physically unable to.  Strange, strange feeling.

Then I realized, I think I wanted a beer.  But I wasn’t supposed to drink on Tuesdays.  So…that might be it.

Oh god. Am I *THAT* dependent on a wind-down bottle?  I hope not…

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