Day 30: Today By Numbers

Super-Supper Live Journal - Chayote Hand

5 Thoughts

  • ONE more day at work before the weekend. We can get through this!
  • TWO more days on this challenge.
  • THREE is the speed of which I use to forward through Prisoners. That movie was much too slow even for a “slow burn.”
  • FOUR thirty was my beauty appointment. Not 4:45 I thought it was. Whoops.
  • FIVE forty five is my dinner appointment at Curtis Stone’s Maude next Tuesday. My coworker Alex has been on a waiting list. Once she got them on the phone, we pretty much picked apart the rest of the availability for June.

Today’s Photo

I wish I had taken a picture of my hands after I was done prepping the Chayote Squash for work today. You know glue gets when it dries on your skin? Look a lot like your skin is cracking and peeling off? Yep. That was what happened to my hands.

At first I thought it was my skin peeling off because my skin felt tight, like after washing my hand in some strong soap. And this thing loo

Most people thought it was their skin peeling off and the loss of sensations in their fingers as a reaction to the sap. It isn’t that. It’s because your hands are now covered with a layer of slick sap that dries over your hands. Much like drying glue.

My coworker who uses the squash all the time said to wash my hands with lemons and the sap will come right off. I didn’t have any lemon on hand so I use vinegar. And that worked too.

Here’s a picture from the interweb of someone who went through the same thing as I did. It really was a little disconcerting.

Super-Supper Live Journal - Chayote Hand

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Fage Fruyo Strawberry yogurt with granola.

Second Breakfast

Orange juice.


3 stone ground wheat crackers with…Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow Light.

Not very good. I like the French Onion much better.


2 quarters of leftover California Lamb pita sandwich.

Afternoon Tea

Chicharron sprinkled with Tajin.


Hawaiian barbecue short rib with some cabbage. And bubbly.


More bubbly!

It’s Friday!


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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