Taking a Leap

On March 31, my 6 years stint at the LA Non Profit came to an end.  Things were changing at the office and the brunt of it fell on me, the only person in the office to get such brunt.

But then God/Universe/Karma/Fate/Circumstances opened a door for me to walk out on.  After all of the signs through my MP3 player and other means, I wasn’t going to ignore this opportunity.

I seriously have followed the lyrics of Defying Gravity.  I have closed my eyes and leaped.

Friends were coming to my rescue with new job leads and opportunities, and pep talks and great advice since the news was broken to me at the end of February.

A friend pointed this out to me: “The office may make you feel like you’ve done something wrong and you’re not good enough.  But if other people jump to the chance to hire you like they’re doing now, it’s definitely not you.”

It’s a brave new world out there for me, y’all.  And we will see what the future bring.


  1. Ken C.   •  

    Well, unless you really, really love the work you do, and your colleagues, I would think that 6 years at one workplace is long enough.

    I understand that this is a tough time to be reentering the job market; best of luck on finding your next great work adventure.

    In the meanwhile, we hope that you have the time and energy to keep up with oakmonster’s blog. Oh, and I don’t remember anything about an upcoming trip (to New Zealand?) [it’s showing on your twitter balloon] but safe travels!

  2. divacowgirl   •  

    It’s a weird feeling isn’t it? Scary and exciting at the same time. Looking forward to lunch soon.

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