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Remember how I ran home from the Office about a month ago?  Well, running home is no longer an option.  My hours have been extended to 6 hours a day now, and that would mean I have to run home after lunch. There was no way I could do that with my issue with side stitches, and I wasn’t about to starve myself all day for a run.

The key point from that paragraph is that I am now working 6 hours a day. At that same company.

I’m 2 hours away from working full time, y’all.

This gig was supposed to be 4 hours a day for 2 weeks. It was extended to 4 weeks. Then last week, my contract is extended to 6 months and hours increased to 6 a day.

Indeed, this alone is pretty sweet. But wait, there’s more!

Instead of running, I’ve saddled up on my beach cruiser for my daily 1.5-mile commute.  Seriously, this close, there really isn’t a reason to drive. Well, except when the weather is bad, or I hit snooze one too many times in the morning…*ahem*

And the best part yet.

I’m talking to people about food on social media. Everyday.

Boom. - Mic drop

So, as I was scouring the web for my daily content, this quote grabbed me.

Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.

– Khalil Gibran

I have worked with distaste for 6 years AND begged at the gate of the temple for the most part of these past 2 years.  But I have also worked with love on and off.

I now know what it’s like to love your job. And I’m here to tell you that I’m smitten.

I’m just hoping that the love is not unrequited.


  1. christine   •  

    I love EVERYTHING about this post. I am so happy for you, I can’t even begin to describe it. xoxox

  2. Olaina   •  

    Khalil Gibran! The Prophet! I have two copies, just so I can loan one out. Want it?

    Oh, and the part about your job situation is great, too. But I already told you that. Yay!

  3. OakMonster   •  

    Actually, I’ll take a copy, Olaina. I never actually read him.

  4. Divacowgirl   •  

    That is so awesome Oaks. You deserve it!!

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