Day 5: Rice: the Asian Lembas Bread - Disapproving Asian Father

5 Thoughts

  • Remember how I thought ramen is like Lembas bread? I had forgotten the REAL Asian Lembas Bread: rice.  Fried rice makes a hefty breakfast and Mexican rice a solid lunch. But when you’re trying to eat seven meals a day, those two portions of rice might’ve been a bit too hefty.
  • It’s AWESOME to get out of the office and have a meal with friends once a in a while. I really should stop eating at my desk.
  • Sometimes all you REALLY, really want is a piece of fruit…which you did not have. And now that you’re home at 9:45 p.m., you realized you left yourself some mandarin oranges by the candy bowl…and since you didn’t visit the candy bowl today, you didn’t see the oranges. /facepalm
  • I’m soooo looking forward to my Meatless Tuesday tomorrow and eating all the fruits and veggies. Today’s binge makes me feel a little gross.

Today’s Instagram

3 reasons why lunch was fun.


Leftover Starry Kitchen house cured roast pork belly XO fried rice from yesterday.


Second Breakfast

1 of the stone ground cracker.

Formality, really. That fried rice and pork belly was still in there. 


At El Zarape: Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo – Shrimp sautéed in Garlic Butter sauce. Served with Salad, Spanish Style Rice, and Potatoes. I ate half of everything and almost all of the salad.

We went to our Cinco de Mayo lunch early. I almost didn’t order a full meal because I was still kind of full from breakfast. But hey, I’m not eating like a Hobbit for nothing!


About a quarter of jicama and half a Speculoos cookie. (Yes, Speculoos in cookie form!)

Afternoon Tea

A handful of dried blueberries.


The other half of Elevensies minus the salad.

Burp. I don’t feel so good…



Seriously. I have no room for anything else today. I might have to chase that port with some Pepto…


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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