Day 21: Goodbye MyFitnessPal - Comikaze Cosplay Preview

5 Thoughts

  • Being sick threw me off my eating schedule horrendously because I didn’t want to eat anything, let alone seven times a day. Now I’m trying get back in the game.
  • Being sick also got me off track with tracking my meal on MyFitnessPal…which wasn’t good for my morale anyway. I decided to drop it all together and just keeping track of what I ate on Evernote.
  • Being sick is working out my abs. All this coughing is giving me some definition. Neat-o!
  • I realized I haven’t worked out in a month. My schedule has been all messed up since Brandon’s car went into the shop.
  • I suddenly miss running.

Today’s Photo

A preview of my Comikaze cosplay project. That’s all I’m telling ya.


Half of breakfast croissant from Nevin Donuts. It’s stuffed with an egg omelet, turkey, bacon, and Swiss cheese.

Best breakfast sandwich. Ever!

Second Breakfast

Oolong tea.


The other half of the breakfast croissant.

Usually, that would be it for me. I don’t need any lunch if I eat ALL of that croissant sandwich.


A slice of Great Dane Baking Company chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling for my coworker’s birthday.

Hey, since I turned down cake yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well…

Afternoon Tea

2 stone ground wheat crackers with garlic and herb goat cheese.

Goat cheese leftover from video shoot last week.


Half of a patty melt and a handful of zucchini fries from Volcano Burger.

Hey, I had cake for lunch! I might as well continue falling off the healthy eating wagon.



Yep. Until this sinus drainage and cough goes away.


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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