RIP Cool Cat VP

Greg–you know him on here as Cool Cat VP–passed away last night of pancreatic cancer. We were alerted to his conditions a few weeks ago, about as soon as he heard the news himself. It swooped in fast and took him away even faster.

Once again. I. Fucking. Hate. Cancer.

And just last week, the office put together a memory book for him and his wife. I bought a leather-bound album and all of us fill it to the brim with pictures with Greg and without Greg, pictures of our pets and kids, and note cards of messages.

I wrote something like this:

A man who can rock a pink shirt like nobody else’s business. A colleague who always there to listen and who can talk you in and out of doing anything. A friend who never says no to good company even when he would just sip seltzer. The person everyone wish they have the privilege to know and love like we have.

We miss you, Greg. We always will.

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