Tuesday marked the first work out attempts of 2008.

I walked for 5 minutes then I stretched.  Back on for 4 reps of 2-minute fast walk (3.2) and 3-minute jog (4.2).  Cool down for another 3 minutes.  Then I broke in my new pink boxing gloves on the bag and kicking the kicking shield (Brandon helped) for another 5 minutes before I completely ran out of breath.

Then I spotted a lean but athletic built Asian girl in the place.  I saw her running on the treadmill over the weekend.

“Was that the uber boxing girl you guys talked about?” I asked Brandon.  At the open house for the gym, she did the boxing demonstration and pretty much just blew everyone away.

“Yep, that’ll be her.”

“Aw, man!  Now I feel stupid.”

I was just goofing off around the punching bag with Brandon as if I knew what I was doing, just to be exhausted after mere 5 minutes.  That’s kind of embarrassing.

But I am a certified wuss, so I have the free pass to not be ashamed about my lack of physical prowess or athletic grace.

I don’t like pain.  I’m not all that strong.  Pushing the limits is not something I usually have in mind.  The only thing I’m good at sports-wise was 50-meter dash.  And actually, miraculously, I didn’t do all that bad in Taekwondo.

So, all the 30 minutes I managed in the gym the other day was a mass improvement.  I may not be the uber boxer chick, but I did what I could.

Right now?  My legs are still sore.  I think I’ll have to wait until Saturday to have another go at this work out thing.  Haha!

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