It’s going

I woke up on my birthday morning to Bond, James Bond.  First thing on the agenda this morning, even before getting any food into our systems, Brandon and I headed out to the theater for Quantum of Solace.

My car, and everything else, was covered in ashes.  Norther sky is but orange brown smoke while it’s bright blue out South, toward the beaches.  As we headed up the 605 North, it felt like we were driving INTO the fire.

Its snowing ashes in oc Driving to cerritos its like the fire is right here! Sunny socal...kinda

We weren’t close to action, but we just got literally only a sniff of what folks are experiencing out there.

The afternoon went on with a little shopping, laundry, and more work on the Big Gala.  All while alternating humming the new James Bond them “Another Way to Die” (I must admit, it’s quite catchy. I hated it at first, coupled with the music video. But now that I’ve heard it a few more times, I actually like this song!) and the classic James Bond theme.  No martini here, however.  Too much to do and not a lot of time to do it.

I packed my bag and laid out things to pack for Thailand trip while Brandon went out chasing the sunset.  He came home empty handed as this time of year the sun doesn’t set where he thinks it was.

Topping off the evening, we went to dinner at Joe’s Sushi in Lakewood.  All you can eat, baby!  14 of us ate and ordered and ate and ordered and ate.  Beer and sake was flowing all around.  At some point we were so stuffed and food was still coming, we had to ask them to stop.  Also, the entire restaurant sang me happy birthday over complimentary fried green tea ice cream.  I shared the loot with my friends and went back to a few more bites of sushi and swigs of sake.

With belly full of food, blood nicely infused with alcohol, and a big, warm heart from good time spent with friends, I came home to a phone call from my dad and brother Onk to wish me a happy birthday.  Here I was, having gone all day thinking they’ve forgotten about me.

Even the small mountain of laundry waiting for me to put away couldn’t dampen my spirit.

The Oak-pocalypse it may be out there, but in here, it’s been a great day.

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