I was quite an interesting experiment last night.

If  you’ve been following my tweet (as you should…@oakmonster), you would know that my office experienced an internet outtage yesterday afternoon.

I found myself texting in my tweets about the outage.

When I got home though, I decided to unplug altogether.

I went to grab dinner with Brandon without my phone, and when I got back, I didn’t turn the computer back on at all.

Then again, I was busy.

I baked another one of Nigella’s Guinness Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting per Brandon’s coworkers’ request.  In between that, I sat down for dinner and television.

Top Gear electric cars episode.

(Brandon wants a Tesla Roadster. I want the Lotus Elise that the Tesla was modeled after…and raced against.  I don’t care if the Lotus is a gas and not electric or that Tesla beats the Lotus, I *need* the vrooms!)

Then Chuck.

(Oh god, next week, Sarah v.s. Number Six?  Funnage!)

Then Heroes.

(Spoiler! Look away!  Micah is Rebel? Oh please. Like you really surprise anyone.  Killing off the Ali Larter’s character? Third time’s the charm, right? You kill off Daphne?!?!  YOU KILL OFF DAPHNE?!?!?!  Bastards.)

Did I miss the internet?  A little bit.  But not that much.

So I guess what they say is true: it’s really good to unplug once in a while.

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