New Chapter

On Saturday, I landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Now I have been the most eastern and southern of the U.S., adding one new state to the places I have been.

On Sunday, my dear friend Irena got married to a fantastic guy.

This morning, I got braces.

metal mouth? i think not! muwahaha! #fb

This will change the way I shop for, eat and cook my food.  And obviously, that will affect how I blog on HmmFoodGood and Temple of Fresh & Easy as I will begin my hunt for soft/liquidy but nutritious food that is not too loaded with carbs and cream, ways to cook veggies and even meat to the consistency I can manage, and foods that won’t eat through or stain my “clear” braces.

Definitely found salvation here.

Come to mama...

Come to mama...

And will definitely find some here.

Thanks Geekologie for the pic.

Thanks Geekologie for the pic.

Could someone at Bakon Vodka send me some samples? As for Kai Lychee Vodka, I am already sold on, but you can send more. KTHXB.

In a few days, my BFF Joy is going to give birth to her second son.  More new chapters.

In a few months, Brandon and I will be able to start on our plan to buy a house.

That’s a whole other chapter for a whole other book.

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