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It’s been a crazy weekend.  But super fun. AND productive.

First of all, Brandon has FINALLY came out of the severe sinus infection that he had.  And with abundant energey fueled by cabin fever, he ran errands all over town for me on Friday.

Because, you see, on Saturday, I threw a casual baby shower for a coworker and his girlfriend at my friend Amy’s house.  I made these surprisingly gorgeous and delicious pasta carbonara tartlets and fruity modification of the Italian Scroppino (lemon sorbet + prosecco + splash of vodka).

After all of that, I came running home to my first introductory massage at Massage Envy.  It was heavenly and I signed on for their membership.  Being forced to get a massage every month?  Open until 10 p.m. on weeknights AND open on Sunday?  And quite a lot  cheaper than the fancy schmancy joint the other end of town that I could never seem to get an appointment?  Yeah, that’s a membership I can get behind.

Naturally, on Sunday, Brandon went in to get his and signed up for the membership as well.  While some people see getting a massage as luxury expense, we see it as preventive medicine.  If we manage our stress well now,  that would help us with high blood pressure and other stress related illness down the road.  Happy body has a happy mind and both contribute to good health.  But I digress there a bit.

Sunday morning came, Brandon waited for me to crawl out of bed and we headed out for brunch.  Unsuccessful at finding any place we wanted to eat at without a line, we drove through Del Taco and took our hangover brunch to the beach. It was beautiful out at Seal Beach pier.

It was a great start for a busy Sunday at home for me.

I got home to start the 3 loads of laundry.

Then I geeked out for a while, upgrading to WP 2.8 and set up the website for Thrill the World Los Angeles, gearing up for this year’s participation.

Done with that, I started in on making the mascarpone ice cream for my KitchInspirations strawberry shortcake challenge.  Once the ice cream went into the fridge, I geeked out some more with TTWLA site.

Then I made dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, and got my strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier and honey.

Then I grilled up the pound cake and assembled my dessert with mascarpone ice cream and macerated strawberries for dessert.

After dinner, I finished blogging about the tartlets.

And put (most of the) laundry away.

I seriously need another day of the weekend.

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