Back to School

Drupal Camp LA weekend was AWESOME.  I hung out with Annette and Nick from Twitter and Matt from my dot com days.  Meanwhile I met new people and made some new friends and found some new people to follow on Twitter.  And yes, I learned a TON about Drupal and got myself signed up with both LA and OC Drupal Groups.

I can hardly wait to get going with my first site.  Well, I kinda did…but not really.  LOL.  Need a full geeky weekend, I tell ya.

UCI Engineering quad is an awesome venue for what we had (despite the distance from refreshments and the mystery of hidden bathrooms).  Free wifi everywhere was perfect.  We didn’t even mind that the best lecture hall they had–every seat equipped with power source, great stadium seating, big ol’ screen–was actually inside a freezer.  Well, mild onset of hypothermia might messed with our memories a little.

Oh, a case of nostalgia came free.

We had lunch in the Pippin cafeteria along with their students.  We hauled our stuff from classroom to classroom, our brains exploding along the way.  Annette and I sat together in a few session and we broke out into giggles here and there, writing “notes” to each other via twitter AND actual note paper.

It was like going to college all over again.

There was even an on campus party afterward.  LOL.  (We didn’t make it there, but a lot of people did.)

That got me thinking about how far I have come since college.

Obviously, I’ve gotten a lot geekier than when Frenchy taught me HTML back in 1996.  I am married, living a good life.  Sure, I’m not the high level executive rolling in money, but I love what I do.

Frenchy himself has become an Ubergeek, a swing dancer, and a husband and dad.  Other college friends have become a lawyer, a nurse, and a mom.  One did achieve his goal of getting out of California and doing fine up in Portland.  Another is about to get married for the second time to a fantastic girl.

Look how far our lives have taken us.

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