Mid-30s Crisis

It started with this picture of me with Olivia Munn.

Forgot to send to #fb. Me and @oliviamunn. What's. Up.

I know she’s all professionally made up for the show and she’s already GORGEOUS.  But I looked at myself and thought: Fuck, I look like crap.

As I might have blogged about before, I don’t really like make-up.  I don’t like the feel of it. I don’t like the maintenance of it. But at 33…and another look at that picture…I’m rethinking that a little bit.

Armed with internet tips for doing make-up for girls with glasses, I adapt an easy new routine.  I’m already using tinted moisturizer, so I’m adding aqua pencil liner, my favorite cream blush, a little mascara and curler action, and lip tint blended with lip balm.

The first day I did it, Nhien noticed right away.  I don’t think anyone else did.  LOL.  So I gave it a week to see if I could maintain it.  And as it turns out, I can.  And I’m doing it!

After I reevaluate my face, serendipitously, other new things started to change too. Or maybe I’m starting to notice them more.

Holy crap. I’m having a little bit of a mid-30s crisis!

Naturally, after I upgrade my face, I decided on upgrading my work wardrobe.  Most things I have in there are either handed down from someone or things I don’t really like to wear.  So, I consulted Brandon and then my fashion forward friends and I dropped a bit of money on buying new nice shirts, pants, and cardigans.

I did get my hair highlighted reddish a few months ago. And I’m thinking about going in to get it redone fire engine red. But we shall see.

I’ve changed my beauty habit and my clothes.  But the biggest change of all is internal.

I am much braver at going out solo than I have ever been before.

And you’d think of all people I shouldn’t be scared of going it alone.  I mean, I’ve danced in front of hundreds of people as Zombie Slave Princess Leia after all!  If I can do THAT, going to events by myself should be a piece of cake, right?

Well, *I* didn’t know THAT.  LOL

Originally, going solo wasn’t by choice. At all.  Since there are a LOT of things I’d want to do that Brandon doesn’t have any interests in, I have to make new friends.  And I have.  But once in a while I found myself dialing down my phone list to find no one available…or interested in doing all that crazy shit that I do.  LOL.  Normally, if I have no buddy, I would cancel that plan and miss out on the event.

But I was determined to go to Phototasting event even after Gregg had to back out.  So, I grew some balls and I went alone anyway.  I had a wonderful time!

The proverbial light bulb went on in my head with accompanying proverbial “ding!”

Oh my god. Going out by yourself is totally fine!  Hellooooo!

What was I doing when I was single then if I don’t like going out by myself, you ask?  I am both a social butterfly AND a homebody. So those days when I was alone, I was either out with friends or perfectly fine alone at home.  I never thought I’d be going OUT alone.

I still feel a twinge guilty for not doing stuff with Brandon–who is perfectly fine being a home playing MMORPG with his buddies.  But I’m working hard on not issuing myself a ticket to that guilt trip.

Having gain my solo confidence, I signed up to join a GuerilLA improv “mission” without anyone going with me…which so far all of the past events I have missed was because I had no one to go with.  The result is this spectacular surprise musical we dropped on unsuspecting crowd at Universal CityWalk.  (Thanks Gregg for the video!)

And by product of that, I also abandoned Brandon’s family visiting from New Mexico for a day to run amok with other “Yellow Shirts” in Santa Monica ( Thai people don’t panic. It’s not what you think it is…heehee.) for ipOddyssey: an MP3 experiment. (Thanks Gen for the video!)

New make up. New clothes. New frame of mind.  All started because of Olivia Munn.  That figures. LOL.

Well, a life crisis doesn’t complete unless you get a new car, right?  Lotus Elise, darling, mama’s coming for you…

…in, like, 10 years when I actually have a midlife crisis…after a refresher course on driving stick shift…and a race car driving class.

In the meantime, I’m just going to continue working on my life. 🙂

Oakley & (Lotus) Elise: BFF


  1. traci   •  

    you’re the only person I know that could make a Lotus Elise look Big. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  2. oakmonster   •  

    LOL Thanks Traci! Elise fits me PERFECTLY. I mean, like she was built for ME! It’s crazy awesome. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten the car for that picture. Now she’s all I ever wanted!

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