It’s All Happening At Once

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Today through Sunday, I will take my first step toward one of my bucket list item.

I’m volunteering at WonderCon, a pop culture/comic convention that usually takes place in San Francisco, but it’s just down the way in Anaheim this year.  Pam got me involved in this because a) I’ve NEVER been to a Con of any kind, and b) If I do well, I might get a chance to go to volunteer at San Diego Comic Con in July.

SDCC is on my bucket list. Nerd Mecca must be experienced once before I die. Some people have Paris and Tuscany…well, I actually have those too…I have Comic Con.

But then as it so happens, all these other things are also happening this weekend.

My St. Patrick’s Day open house tradition must continue despite the insane schedule. So Friday after the Con, I will be cooking a vat of Guinness Stew and baking 2 Guinness Chocolate Cakes. (Wait…would one be enough?!)

Saturday after the Con, I get to throw the party.  However, Brandon will start getting the place ready and David will help with reheating the stew. Party will be rolling before I even get home.

That leaves me only Sunday night to put together a video project for my dad’s 70th birthday. (Shhh! Don’t tell him yet!) I wanted to be home for his big birthday but not having a full-time job does put a stop to that plan. So, instead, we’re sending him a video.

This past week I’d been driving up and down the county to collect videos of our family members and dad’s friends. I’m also waiting for footage from my cousin in New Zealand, my other “cousins” just over here in Orange, and my nephew in Redlands. As it turns out, I only have one day to put it all together.  Dad’s birthday is March 21 but I have to get it on Facebook by Tuesday night because of the time difference.

On top of that, originally, I was going to work on a different video project this weekend to try to convince the current company that I’m worth every penny as a full-time employee. Oh yes, this “Hire me!” video was going to be the prototype of a more generic version for the hiring masses. But then I got the news that my current contract will not renewed. Damn shame, really. I was excited to make that video. LOL

Oh, and I almost forgot that have this side job I’m wrapping up which might also go down Sunday night.

But wait, there’s more!

Monday afternoon, I have to run from El Segundo to an appointment in Irvine and THEN the USC Town & Gown Junior Auxiliary meeting, finalizing details for the big fundraiser dinner we have coming up. So, Monday night is shot for doing either video work or much of anything else.

It’s unfortunate that I really like sleep. I need more waking hours this weekend to get everything done.

Like the hubby usually tells me, “You brought this crazy schedule on yourself”. True. But I know I’d be happy with the results of all that I’m doing in the end. I will have a house full of friends having a good time on Saturday night. I will have a great video I can send home to my dad for his big milestone birthday since I can fly myself there.

And eventually, I’d get to sleep in…NEXT Sunday.  Saturday is USC Alumni Day of SCervice and I’m picking up donation from ZICO coconut water Friday night…


What are you doing this weekend?

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