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10 Goals for 2011

December 31st, 2010 6 Comments

Before we move forward, let’s see how I did with 2010 goals, shall we? Goals for 2010: 6 out of 10 1. SUCCESS: Lacto-vegetarian Tuesdays. I totally rocked that. Sure, there were some accidental lapses and a few intentional ones, curiously some of those cases involved bacon.  But more or less, I did REALLY good. And I even threw in no alcohol to that mix. So yay me! 2. FAIL: One hour of piano/guitar/singing, twice a month. Another victim of


Whoop. There went 2010

December 23rd, 2010 No Comments

It has been a crazy year.  You can tell by the infrequency of my posts.  Despite the fact that I have given up my involvement with Thrill the World almost completely (I still do twitter for TTW headquarter), I managed to remain as busy as ever. I mean, look at how neglected this blog is!!! Let’s take a look back this year, see what all I did, and give out some 2010 awards, shall we? 2010 in Pictures: Drinking Buddy


NaNoWriMo: Week 2

November 18th, 2010 No Comments

My inner editor must die. Seriously. As I continue to get encouragement emails from the main NaNoWriMo people as well as my regional leader, I keep finding myself doing all the wrong things which they said would happen anyway. I can’t just keep writing things out; I go back and rework things as I go.  And that’s not really the point of NaNoWriMo. Being a blogger also doesn’t help as I try to rein things in to keep you folks


NaNoWriMo: Week 1

November 9th, 2010 No Comments

It’s been an entirely unexpected and interesting journey only one week in.  4,869 is the word count I have on the 8th day of this challenge. Ideally, I should be around 13,300 words.  I start to wonder if I could ever make 50,000 words.  But I promise you, I’ll at least write as much as your donation. That I will do. First of all, balancing the time between my numerous hobbies and activities, as you all know, during USC football


NaNoWriMo here I come

October 24th, 2010 No Comments

We’re in October now and I’ve realized I’m not doing entirely well on my 2010 goals.  Determined to accomplish something this year and inspired by my friend Irena, I’ve decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo, in November. NaNoWriMo is is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved. So, staring November 1 and wrapping up on November 30, participants are


10 goals for 2010

January 2nd, 2010 No Comments

We’ve seen how I did last year.  Let’s see how many I can accomplish this year. 1.  Lacto-vegetarian Tuesdays Vegetarian or vegan diet is nothing new to this Buddhist. However, the most I’ve ever done was 2 days a week of loosely vegan diet during Catholic lent of back in high school.  That was tough too since there was no soy milk or tofu available in nearby grocery stores like there are today.  In college, I started back on vegetarian