Marathon Woman

I. Baked. 10. Dozen. Cookies. In. One. Sitting. Since. Around. 7:30.

Oh, I also made bacon and rice for dinner while whipping up the batter as well. Talk about multitasking!

The last 2 dozen of the almond blueberry are cooling right now. By the time I’m done here, I can wrap that up and go to bed.

Oh hell no. I’m not doing dishes tonight! I did rinse everything out though. 🙂

So, the sample batch of Absolutely Weevil cookies (chocolate chips + English toffee) are ready. And I am introducing the more dainty, and at the moment unnamed, almond blueberry cookies as well.

(Hey, why aren’t YOU donating the money to the Lesser Weevils yet? You know you can get those yummy cookies I mentioned for $10 per dozen, right? You have to leave a comment or email me if you want them. Shipping maybe extra.)

Aunty Tim stopped by to pick up both kinds a while a go. She had the first batch of the almond blueberry which were still warm. A few minutes after she left, she called to report that she ate half of the blueberry ones already. LOL.

Today has been a long ass day. Nhien left for Spain, leaving me with loads of things to do on top of my existing to do list. But, you know me. Busy is always good. Because boredom–like scanning documents–sucks. Heh.

Brandon called and reported in. He had a long day too. Not entirely productive. But his new hotel is one of those suite hotels. Much improvement from the one he was at last night where they duct taped the batteries into the remote. He did get to meet new people and networked. So that was cool.

I also called home and I got to say a few words to mom. She doesn’t talk today. Not even a word. Pueng, the maid, put her on the phone with me while she went to get dad. I thought I was just on hold, but I had a feeling that mom may not be in the mood to talk. The background voice of the caregiver telling mom to say chat with me confirmed it. Mom was listening. But she wouldn’t talk.

“Hello beautiful? How are you today? Are you going to tell me how you are? Are you going to chat with me today? What’s for lunch?”

Silence on the other end until I heard dad coming for the phone.

“She didn’t talk, did she?”

“No, sir,” replied the caregiver.

“Noi, I’m going to talk to our daughter now. Okay?”

Dad picked up and after he was out of earshot reported that mom hasn’t talked to anyone in the past few days. Not even with her friends.

This is where I envy Justin a little bit. His mom is sick like mine. But at least he is only 2-3 hour drive away. I can’t even get on a plane in that amount of time.

Anyways. I’m going to put the cookies away and go to bed. Maybe tomorrow is a better day.

A girl can hope. Right?

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