Five for Friday: Saving Lives, Running with Wings, and Breaking Up with Glee - Running with Wings

Five for Friday is a weekly (well, almost) series about the five new things I learned each week.

(Hey, it’s still technically Friday! Sorry I’m late. Hee.)

Actually, I should call this as Five for January. I haven’t written on of these since Christmas!  Well, having the year end recap, my 2013 goals, and Race on the Base updates did throw me for a loop.  We’ll just go with whatever I fancy for the past month, alright?

I’ve Learned CPR

Oh yes. I now have a CPR card. I just have to remember exactly how many compression (30) and how many breaths (2).

And of course, Stayin’ Alive!

But man, the training class it was a bit of a horror show. LOL - CPR

Pie Crust from Scratch Is Not For the Lazy

Have I told you about my pie trauma?  Before I learned to cook, I started out with baking.  So, I stayed over at Brandon’s one weekend and decided that I’d try to bake us a pie.  I got the pre-made dough from the store and went to town with the peach filling.  What we didn’t know at the time was that the oven at Brandon’s apartment was somewhat broken. 350F was more like 150.  The pie didn’t cook. I was horrified.  I haven’t tried to make a pie since.

Last year, I bought a pie pan and a large non-stick mat so I can roll out a dough on the dinner table.  But of course, I was still too chicken to try anything.

So, it is one of my 2013 goals–AND on my bucket list–to make a pie from scratch.

But of course, I had to start on the wrong foot.

With some Guinness Stew leftover, I thought I’d make a pie crust to put on top and bake us a pot pie. My friend Pim has the fool-proof recipe in her cookbook as well as in her step-by-step instructions here.  But I didn’t feel like putting in ALL of that effort that day so I looked around for the easiest pie crust recipe I could find.

Clearly, you get what Sloth paid for. - Pie Crust

The crust was indeed super crumbly and buttery, which was cool, and super salty, which was not.  Upon further investigation, the recipe that I found was actually the crust for a specific savory quiche. The extra salt is probably to compliment the blander filling.  It wasn’t meant to be topping a flavorful stew.

Well, live and learn. On to the next pie crust!

Running with Wings

I was going to make a new pair of wings just for running the Race on the Base as Fluttershy. But I decided to give my original set of wings a try first. - Running with Wings

I followed the instructions from Kelly of Team Sparkle and bought me a racer back running top. I wrapped a ribbon around the wire coat hanger hook part in the middle, tying it to the center of the tank top. Then I bent the wings back from my body a little.  Because of the rigidity of the coat hanger wire, my wings stayed put. No bouncing. No flapping. They are so comfortable to wear that I kept forgetting I was running with wings.

My wings rock! Woohoo!

Next, I have to test run the wig and ears. God help me…

Glee Finally Hit Rock Bottom

Oh, Glee. I’ve been there since the very beginning. I even stuck around after Graduation when everyone thought the show was going to hell.  I haven’t liked ANY of the episodes this season and found myself forwarding through most of the songs, and yet, I stood fast.

Then, the news broke about your ripping off my favorite geek comedian/musician Jonathan Coulton’s flawless rendition of “Baby Got Back”. You’ve ripped off other people before but now you’re copying the man who gave us Skullcrusher Mountain, Re: Your Brains, and my all-time favorite, Code Monkey.  That did not help make you dearer to me.

Sadie Hawkins episode itself confirmed my decision.  The shark jumping was just spectacular even for the show that jumps shark consistently since the very beginning. The Warblers conspiracy. The Blaine-Tina-Sam impossible crush triangle. Rachael went crazy “I’m never going to be a loser again!” bitch and psycho girlfriend on Brody and both Kurt AND Brody were still sweet on her. REALLY?

The only person I’m interested in watching now is Kurt. And you just don’t have enough of him to keep me interested.  You can have Brody and Jake walk around shirtless all the goddamn show and it’s still not enough.

Oh, and I forwarded through all the songs. Every. Single. One. I cannot stand any of them.

So, Glee. You’re off my DVR. We’re done. Forever. And it’s totally your fault.

11 Years and Counting

This is obviously NOT something new I learned this week, but I want to share anyway.  Brandon and I have been married 11 years last weekend.  I was just thinking about how we celebrated our very first Halloween together as a couple. I totally know it was true love then. 🙂


Now you guys. What have you been up to while I was gone? 😉


  1. Olaina   •  

    Well, you weren’t gone. You were in my house. Or I was in yours. Or we were at lunch. So, I got nothin’. Except for the tiniest desire to run next to a pony with wings. 🙂

  2. daNanner   •  

    11 years and you two don’t look like you’ve aged much!

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