Greased Lightning

My week came at me fast and left just as quickly.

It seems like yesterday when I was just here, happily typing away, telling you guys about our hike at Holy Jim trail.

Here we are, a week after.  Went by me in a blink.

Inauguration Day was also our 7th wedding anniversary.  It was a new beginning for the country I live in and quite a momentous moment in my marriage.

Last year, people said that America would rather elect a woman than a black man as president.  Here stands Barrack Obama in front of millions, the day after MLK Day, swearing on Lincoln’s bible to serve this country.

Last years, some people we knew said that Brandon and I might just be better off without each other.  Here we are, sharing our special anniversary dinner and having come to enjoy our married life more than before.

The president and we were out that night, celebrating our success.  And in a way, savoring this moment when we throw it back at the non-believers.

The morning after, life is back to normal for everyone.  Mine was the early morning meeting day, under new management by the Executive Assistant.  The impending 3-4 days of rain triggered major allergies for me and I spent the entire day, through the morning meeting AND lunch time staff meeting sneezing my head off.  An afternoon nap when I got home helped hold me together enough to go to my first yoga class.

And the yoga class was just what I needed.  It was a beginner’s Hatha yoga class, all poses and breathing.  Quite meditative to begin with and the instructor ended the session with deep relaxation.  Lights dimmed and everyone was cozy under a blanket–or my case, my towel and sweatshirt.  Breath and relax, the instructor said softly.

After a while, my nose decided to start running.  As I raised my hand to touch my nose, I suddenly realized that I cannot feel my body.  I mean, the entire body was so still and so relaxed that I panicked a little and jerked my legs just to make sure they’re still there.  So much for deep relaxation because after that point my heart raced so I couldn’t quite get back into it.

Thursday at the office came and went so fast I didn’t even remember what I did all day.  The evening, however, was on interesting experience: my first Flamenco lesson.

Problem #1, I showed up with sneakers and soft jazz shoes when I should’ve brought heels.  I couldn’t hear myself and the feet movement without heels definitely wasn’t working out in my favor and therefore Problem #2 of me messing up the footwork the entire hour.  But then, that’s not counting #3 issue of my previous ballet training kept my arms not quite in the Flamenco formation.  It was instintive reaction as I concentrated so hard on getting the footwork right.  #4 is the beat which apparently started at 12 instead of at 1 and I can’t quite pick it out of the music just yet.  (I tried to employ the Strictly Ballroom strategy of listening with my “heart” and not my ears, but closing my eyes mean I can’t see the instructor and therefore have absolutely no clue what I was doing.)

And finally, Problem #5, Flemenco is fucking hard.  LOL.  It’s not just the feet, it’s the arm movements AND the hands too.  Not to mention the exagerrated posture, chest and chin high, shoulders back.

Suffice to say, the next morning, I really couldn’t quite slouch.  My muscles just wouldn’t allow me to.

Friday work day also flew by.  The surprise of the evening was that my carpool/bus buddies decided to go for a quick drink before dropping us all off.  I had a few glasses of wine and pieces of sushi with the gang and quickly dashed off afterward to see “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” with Brandon.

Saturday was half spent sleeping in and a little bit of errands before I settled in to cook for the potluck with my bus buddies.  The rest of the evening was laced with wine, lots of food, and fantastic company.  The potluck was much better than the party right after we got off the bus!

And now it’s Sunday again.

Tomorrow we start all over at the office.

WTF. Seriously.

Where is my first month of the new year running off to?

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